A3 storytelling tools

tool-beltHoshin kanri requires heavy lifting. Purchase of Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise entitles you to download a PDF package of A3 storytelling tools to support strategy deployment. The package includes:

  • A3-i. Competitive information report
  • A3-X. X-matrix (in pdf and Excel)
  • A3-T. Team charter proposal
  • A3-SR. status report
  • A3-P. problem report
  • Porter matrix instructions
  • Product/market matrix
  • Market/technology matrix
  • Prioritization matrix
  • Paired comparison matrix
  • Catchball verification sheet
  • Leadership certification matrix
  • Hoshin review meeting system
  • Transformation ruler
  • Diagnostic scorecard
  • Diagnostic form
  • Transformation ruler e-book