about the book

hkle-coverHoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise is a book about how to develop your organization to become a community of scientific problem solvers, with the agility demanded by our dynamic and uncertain times. It systematically addresses the five phases of the hoshin cycle, including



  • Scan the competitive environment with the classic tools of strategic planning.
  • Scan your organization’s unique strengths and weaknesses with value stream maps and the President’s Diagnosis.


  • Establish “True North” by creating a mid-term strategy or balanced scorecard of improvement drivers.
  • Operationalize your strategy by creating an annual “hoshin” or 12-month action plan.
  • Play “catchball” to improve your knowledge of operational realities and confirm that your managers understand your strategic intent.


  • Manage your A3 projects flawlessly.
  • Engage the workforce with better training and coaching.


  • Improve execution and course correction through visual management.


  • Reflect deeply on battles won and lost with a visual approach to advanced problem solving.

The book is distinguished not only for its comprehensive treatment of the hoshin cycle, but also for its inclusion of:

  • Toyota’s standard A3 reports, plus
  • the A3-X or X-matrix
  • value stream mapping
  • value stream P&Ls
  • the President’s diagnosis and the Transformation Ruler

The book contains a complete manufacturing case study that demonstrates how to think about improvement, complete A3 forms and play catchball to confirm the “whats” and “hows” of strategy and execution.